Crucial Things To Remember When Getting A Mining Job

With the slowing down experienced by those in the mining industry, thousands of people who once had great mining jobs are now without work. This is probably only temporary, though, and in a few months’ time, the demand for workers will again increase. However, the demand has not always been that huge as what many people think, which means you can’t simply show up at the door of the company you want to get into and get hired on the spot. In fact, despite what people say that getting a mining job is easy, the process has always been as easy as it seems. Yes, the pay is huge once you get in, but there is not a big difference between getting a job in the mining industry and getting a job elsewhere � you still need to do a bit of research, and most importantly, you need to have the skills required for the position you’re applying for. Aside from that, here are other crucial things you need to keep in mind when applying for mining jobs.

Get the Right Tickets

One of the mistakes many applicants make is that they try to get as many tickets as they can. They believe doing this will increase their chances of getting a mining job quickly. This may work, but only after you have spent hundreds of dollars on tickets or licenses. Be smart and only apply for tickets for the job you are really targeting. If the job position you want does not require you to get a particular ticket, why spend money on it? It makes sense to get only the tickets you need because it will not only save you money, but time and effort as well.

Don’t Allow Your Resume to Fall Into the Wrong Hands

This is no doubt the worst pitfall you should avoid whether you’re applying for a mining job or a job at any other industry. There are good and bad recruiters, so make sure you know whom to trust. If your resume falls into the hands of the wrong person, expect to hear promises, and expect those promises to be broken. In most cases, there’s no real job and the only reason they want your resume is so that they can show it to prospective clients hoping someone would actually offer a project. For this reason, always test the recruiter by asking him first what he knows about the project. If he can’t give you the details you need, he’s probably bogus.

It’s Good to Know a Few Insiders

Most industries, not only mining, prefer to hire people referred by those already working for them. If you know someone who’s already working in the mining industry, you’ll have a better chance of getting a job faster. The reason is that most mining companies offer incentives to employees who can refer new hires.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Even if you already got the job you want, it’s still ideal to have plan B and a plan C. In most cases, the salary you can get from a single project is enough to sustain you for months after the project has ended. However, what happens if no project becomes available after you have exhausted all your savings? Don’t wait for the next project then, but find other ways to generate income during the months you are waiting for the next mining job opportunity.

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