The Benefit Of Freedom: Bail Bonds Protection

Bail Bonds

Bail BondsBail bonds protection may not be the reason that you wanted to join an auto club, but it is a very nice benefit to have if you find yourself facing jail time for violating a traffic law. While jail time is rare for traffic violations, being able to go to your local club to make bail instead of having to deal with a bail bondsperson is a great way to allow you to focus on the charges instead of having to focus on raising money to get out of jail.

What is Bail Bonds Protection?

A bond protection benefit is a membership benefit offered by an auto club to qualified drivers. If the driver is involved in a traffic infraction that would involve jail time, he or she may turn to the motor club in order to make bail. Each company has a list of situations in which the benefits may be paid out, and each has specific limits on the amount of money that may be paid. Bond protection is especially popular among large, national auto clubs that charge yearly membership fees.

Why is Bail Bonds Protection a Benefit?

You might not understand why your auto club offers any kind of bail protection, but the benefit actually has a long history. In many ways, the bond benefit is one that has roots in the earliest days of driving. When interstate travel was a bit less common, a driver that was in another state might find it hard to contact those at home to post bail if he or she was arrested for a traffic violation. The auto club, with a national presence, would provide a better point of contact for the weary driver and give him or her a better chance to stay out of jail. This tradition has continued to the present day, with many large clubs giving their members the benefit of a relatively low-cost bail service when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds Protection

Like most other benefits provided by your auto club, your bond protection does have its limitations. First, and most importantly, there is a monetary limitation on your protection– usually only a few thousand dollars. Second, the bond has to be related to a traffic incident. This means that you can get out of jail if pulled over for a traffic infraction, but not, say, for resisting arrest. Finally, there are usually limits set by the motor club that may make it impossible to make bail even if you were involved in a traffic incident– AAA’s refusal to offer protection for DUIs is a great example. If you need to know more, consult your auto club for details.

Bond protection is a great benefit, the kind that you often only learn about when it is actually needed. Like most benefits, though, it has its limits and you need to learn those limits ahead of time. With the proper research, you will always know

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